MSH helps a Security Service provider implement a centralized data warehousing solution that manages all its data and draw business intelligence.

The Challenge

  • Disparate Data sources due to complex business structure
  • No Existing Robust ETL Process to accommodate Complex Business needs
  • Long processing and management time of data due to Manual effort
  • Traditional practices yielded data and insights at shallow and less granular level

The Solution

  • Strategic ETL Planning for Ground-Up IT Data management jobs
  • Synchronized and optimized use of the Informatica, Tidal and Shell Scripting to restructure the entire ETL process
  • Write new data mappings, workflows, system execution scripts and calculated Schedules
  • 3-phased Transitioning from client’s IT team and existing vendor
  • Automation of workflow execution, Data backup, periodic QA, system updates, etc.

The Results

  • Enriched Mappings and Workflows to accommodate new data sources and business rules
  • Re-engineered Informatica-based ETL solution for loading 200+ tables and 200+ mappings and 100+ master workflows assured by 300+ Test cases
  • Recalibrated Job Schedules for timely and automated workflow execution
  • Integrated Business Intelligence system setup for uninterrupted Dashboard & Report generation

The MSH team re-engineered the reporting layer to facilitate ready access to the data layer and provide business users with one version of the truth. With the simplification and management of Oracle Data warehouse and ETL processes, the entire processing time came down to 1.5 hours from a massive 8 hours clocking a savings of 80%. The Transformed system allows a high degree of self-service data capabilities & collaboration among users across enterprise through structured and unified database.