MSH helps a fast-growing palliative care company find the right talent at the right time.

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The Challenge

  • Prospero Health, one of America’s fastest growing Palliative Care companies backed by United Health was facing challenges in attracting top talent for clinical operations throughout the US.
  • Due to growing patient demand and a substantial talent shortage, Prospero partnered with MSH as a reliable long-term partner to attract and retain top talent.

The Solution

  • MSH partnered with Executive Management, HR Leadership and the Clinical Leadership team to implement a talent acquisition strategy focused on employment branding, talent pipelining and standardizing the selection process.
  • MSH centralized all Clinical recruitment as well as provided support across Corporate and Technology.

The Results

  • MSH centralized and streamlined the talent acquisition process for all Clinical Recruitment.
  • US-wide employment branding and market talent acquisition strategy that resulted in:
    • Over 220 full time hires since 2020 across the US
  • Standardized reporting and established cadence with business leaders