MSH helps a leading manufacturing company with $1.5 B+ in revenue based out of Florida initiated Legacy Modernization Program to ensure best experience for the seller of its products and end consumers.

The Challenge

The client has a supply chain for distribution, wherein the products are bought by its network of product vendors on behalf of its end users and business partners. Ensuring best experience for the vendors and bulk purchasers is crucial for the client’s business. Previously, the client had in-house developed application to handle and track certified vendor queries. The same was not efficient to handle these queries with the growing business. To overcome this, it migrated to Salesforce Service Cloud and leveraged the case management capabilities to provide superior experience to its customers for continuous support. The client wanted to leverage the case management capabilities of its Salesforce Service Cloud application effectively.

The Solution

The client partnered with MSH to enhance the case management system on Salesforce Service Cloud.

  • Created new macros for the case properties updates in an automatic way
  • Fine-tuning and enhancement of the automation process which was in place for the conversion of email queries into cases
  • GUI Customization to make the data access easy for certified vendors and concerned stakeholders through open-source UI frameworks
  • Streamlining of case management workflow and process builders on Salesforce Service Cloud to impart an easy and intuitive user experience
  • Improvement of the forms for automatic new case creation in Salesforce from the website

The Results

  • Cost Saving and Smooth operations by removal of old unwanted marketing campaign data automatically through schedule jobs
  • Flawless and appreciable User experience by re-engineering simple and logical case management workflows
  • Increased stakeholders’ productivity by the customized intuitive user interface for handling incoming queries