Does MSH Really Recruit Better?

Short answer? Yes. We believe we do. But this isn’t false confidence or flashy marketing. Over the last decade, our company has worked with and learned from some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world. We’ve been fortunate enough to see what works, and even more importantly, what doesn’t work when it comes to all things Talent Acquisition. Over time we have been able to adapt those learnings and best practices to our Selection Process Management methodology and create a system that we know works across all manners of different environments and industries.

That decade plus of experience and knowledge is now the continued realized benefit for our clients. Building a better mouse trap that leads to a better partnership that can transform an average hiring experience and output, into an outstanding one.

Selection Process Management

Our unique Selection Process Management methodology ensures that we ask the right questions, find the right people, and support hires that are more aligned to your business goals.

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Step 1


We ask the right questions to gain the deepest understanding of your specific talent needs and your unique corporate culture, and use that knowledge to build comprehensive candidate profiles and job descriptions.

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Step 2


We then leverage extensive functional experience, advanced technology, and innovative tactics to research, identify, and create a database of viable candidates in the fastest and most cost effective way.

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Step 3


Acting as a seamless extension of your organization, our team begins connecting with candidates and building a talent community, while simultaneously promoting your employer brand and getting candidates excited about working for your company.

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Step 4


We see beyond job descriptions and resumes, accounting for less tangible, but just as crucial factors such as behavior, motivation, transferable skills, and cultural fit to ensure that each candidate is perfectly qualified to fill your need.

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Step 5


We present only the very best matches, allowing our clients to simply select from a group of highly qualified and aligned candidates to interview.

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Step 6


We also manage the entire interview process for you—conducting or sitting in on interviews at every stage, and providing expert recommendations along the way.

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Step 7


Once candidates have been selected, we extend the offer on your behalf.

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Step 8


The work isn’t complete once our candidate starts their new role. At MSH we want to ensure a successful hire for the long term. That changes our approach in onboarding, tracking productivity ramp up, and overall hiring manager satisfaction.

In addition to SPM, here are some of the other foundational elements to our process:

Managed Service Approach: When taking on new engagements, MSH doesn’t just start smiling and dialing. We work with our clients proactively around a skills/gap assessment of current process, advise on how we can streamline, develop SLAs for our team and the hiring team, and in parallel to hiring top talent, assess and modify as we go to ensure an optimal output throughout the engagement. Not the typical industry approach. We know. But different can be better!

24/7 “By the Sun” Sourcing Model: Anyone who knows a recruiter knows they spend 50-60% of their time trying to find candidates. Early on we asked a common question that when asked in the past has changed history: Does it have to be like that? We have spent the past decade getting to the bottom of that very question–and the answer is a resounding no. In building out our presence in India, one of the key focuses was a Center of Excellence that would provide our organization and clients world-class talent sourcing, pipelining, and market research. Over time our team offshore has become one of the defining features of our success. By bifurcating sourcing from engaging and qualifying top talent, we have developed deeper expertise, previously unseen efficiency, and created cost synergies that can be passed back to our clients. Turns out you actually can have it better, faster, AND cheaper. Who knew?


"Follow the Sun" advantage to our clients



Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence/Big Data

Q&A Testing – Manual or Automated

IT Project Management

Business Analysis


Performance Testing


Every hiring search we take on - whether one off or programs where we hire by the hundreds - is put into a project plan. Like any good Project Manager, we are going to make sure we have great requirements, the right resources aligned, and a timeline and objective we know we can achieve. Then we assign checkpoints along the way and execute against each milestone in successive fashion. What does this mean for our clients? Clear timelines, a well thought out plan, and the ability to assess and pivot quickly if any obstacles pop up. What does that mean? Great hiring you can set your watch to.