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Can't we all just get along? 3 Tips for Better Alignment with Corporate Talent Acquisition.

  • May 18, 2018

A lot of people LOVE to throw stones at Corporate Talent Acquisition. Which isn’t fair. As Forbes rightly predicts, recruiting for all companies is going to become significantly more challenging in 2018.

On top of an already monumental challenge, this familiar scenario plays out: A Hiring Manager has been given a task–go hire X many people in X amount of time.  If, for some reason, they fall short on meeting their hiring quota, they don’t get extra time or reprieve.

Instead, the headcount generally gets taken away from them at some point in the year, with Management saying, “Well, if you’ve done OK this long without hiring the heads, you probably don’t need them!” 

Which is NEVER the case. 

Hiring Managers don’t or can’t make the time to recruit. They are focused on completing the work in front of them. Instead of focusing on recruiting, they focus their time on the project. They fall into a cycle of not filling roles and struggling to get work done anyway. So, when they don’t hire, and lose the heads, who is the natural scapegoat? Corporate Talent Acquisition.

Building a Better Mouse Trap Means Building Trust

Corporate Talent Acquisition originally built the mouse trap. And it worked great for a long time. However, the trap isn’t working like it used to and now they need additional help.  Maybe they’re after a particularly elusive mouse, or maybe they have way too many mice to trap in a given year and need to add more trappers. 

Whatever the reason, Corporate Talent Acquisition teams generally need outside assistance at some point during the year.  There's a tendency look at outside help as a foe, and not a friend. I get that.

I’ve worked on both sides and I’ve seen and understand the frustrations surrounding what should be a mutually beneficial and high-functioning partnership. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the new relationship economy found in our current world of work means that “trust is the primary asset and relationships are the number one currency.” Let's keep that in mind. 

Too often while trying to fulfill hiring needs and struggling, the Hiring Manager goes around their Corporate Talent Acquisition function and goes directly to outside help themselves.

Conversely, when contacted by a Hiring Manager, the outside talent team will run with the requisition themselves, not alert Corporate Talent Acquisition, and then when they are ready to hire, the corporate team feels back-doored.

It’s important to note failings on both ends of this relationship here:

  • Corporate Talent Acquisition was not alerted by the outside talent team, leading to distrust
  • Corporate Talent Acquisition didn’t realize it was time to bring in help

Key Tools to Better Alignment

Outside Talent Acquisition service providers should be seen as an extension of the Corporate function.  Another weapon the in the Talent Acquisition arsenal, so to speak.  But a weapon of Talent Acquisition, not the Hiring Manager.

How do you do that?

In the scenario noted above, the very moment a Hiring Manager contacts an outside talent acquisition service provider, that outside talent team should regroup and alert the Corporate Talent Acquisition team and then work together. 

For Corporate Talent Acquisition leaders, knowing when to pull in outside help is key. Those times are generally:

  • Peak hiring periods
  • Annual hiring remit that is more than what the current Talent Acquisition team normally handles
  • Specialized skillset(s) and /or Highly technical roles, especially when the Corporate team hasn’t recruited in the tech space

Most importantly, when Corporate Talent Acquisition is the one to bring in the cavalry, they have the ability to control the relationship, and are still controlling the outcome. They appear knowledgeable, and self-aware enough to know when to bring in Subject Matter Experts and can still very much claim the win.

They may not feel like this is a win but if they are controlling the outcome, and introducing outside help and owning the relationship, they are still ultimately responsible for making the hire.

That's a win-win to me. 

To learn more about how MSH Talent Solutions can help your company solve talent needs, contact us today at info@talentmsh.com.

MSH is an industry-leading talent solutions firm, providing strategic talent acquisition and consulting services to organizations around the world. Established in 2011, MSH aligns people, processes, and technology with overall business objectives.

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